About Oregon City

About Parks and Recreation

Oregon City Parks and Recreation strives to create recreation, leisure and cultural opportunities by providing high quality parks, facilities, programming and support services to people of all ages. It’s rich array of offerings include the historic Ermatinger House and Clackamette RV Park to swimming pool, community center and a cemetery. In addition, the variety of special events including Free! Summer Events on the Lawn are a huge attraction for the community.


Can anyone participate in this project?

Yes, this is a community-input driven process and the outcome and future recommendations will be driven by the needs and vision articulated by the community members.

How do I participate in the process?

Through the Participate section on this website you can provide open ended suggestions, respond to the online survey, know the dates for public meetings and even share feedback through social media as well.

What is the project duration?

This will be a 12 - 18 month process commencing in April 2022 and anticipated completion in June 2024

Who is responsible for this master plan?

The Master Plan is led by national consultants PROS Consulting, INC. (led by Mr. Neelay Bhatt and Jason Elissalde) and ETC Institute.